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Bianca Mikahn

For the truest and most effective artists, the inspirations and creations that they harbor become daily applications of brilliance. This and more is the case with self proclaimed "Box State Baby" Bianca Mikahn. This Denver native has gone beyond the normal recording and performing artist titles to deliver a life movement based on the human condition as it is reflected in modern society.  As a lyricist steeped in hip-hop, slam, and spoken word backgrounds, Bianca recognizes the quintessential importance of a dynamic artist that can provide substantial messages about everything from partying and sexuality to spirituality and mental health.

Coming up in the spoken word and slam scene, there are multiple accolades that cement Bianca as one of the most effective and relevant lyricists to come out of Colorado. Her first foray into the national slam competition scene rendered a championship title, which has been subsequently added to through teams with SlamNuba consistently ranking in the top ten worldwide under Bianca’s tutelage as coach. Many of these same poets have benefited from her work behind the boards, producing the annual team projects for both Mercury Café and SlamNuba teams, as well as nationally ranked performance poet Lucifury and currently working on a project for HBO’s Brave New Voices featured poet Kyle Suthland.

Bianca is often quoted as being a ‘child of hip hop’. There was never a moment of her life when the rhythms textures and messages didn’t move her to think, grow, dance and create similar works. After years of self-tutelage, Bianca cut her teeth on hip-hop stages with the live powerhouse hip-hop band, The Paradox. This opened up opportunities for her lyrical skills to be fully recognized through collaborations with the likes of Jen Korte, Soul Daddy, Panama Soweto, MC Big House, and singer song-writers Amanda Hawkins and Adam Duncan.

Those collaborations led to sharing stages with the likes of Bahamadia, Mysitc, Dead Prez, The Last Poets and Amiri Baraka to name a few. Quickly rising as one of the strongest aspects of the seven-piece Paradox ensemble, and supported with production by Mercury Sauce and Paradox mastermind Ace Miyamoto, she warmed the iron up enough to strike white hot with her solo debut.

Drawing from years as a facilitator of therapeutic arts workshops, Bianca knows what it takes to connect to any population through the joys and tribulations that all humans experience. As the Lead facilitator of Check Your Head, a program that utilizes urban arts such as break dancing and hip-hop music to encourage self-awareness and expression, Bianca has had plenty of experience recognizing and fulfilling the energetic desires of her audience. Having undergone many of the afflictions that come along with being part of a couple readily marginalized or minority populations, the struggle survival and triumph to be found in Bianca’s work is both personal and universal. Drawing from times when music "saved her life", the focus she applies to artistic intuition is nothing short of a calling.

Bianca Mikahn knows that an artist is only as limited as their imagination, and sees a wordsmith’s responsibility as spanning far beyond their own verses and projects. In this spirit she’s lent her songwriting capabilities to a variety of singers including the full debut EP for Amanda Hawkins, and is looking to expand into multi-genre arenas to do some rock and dub step projects with local artists she’s connected with in her work.

With her debut project "Left Fist Evolution", Bianca Mikahn energetically tackles a wide scope of topics designed to examine where we are individually and as a whole, where we plan to go and how we plan to get there. Playing with notions of melding differing outlooks to create a more cohesive vision for the future, Mikahn plays between sharp lyrics and probing poetry to create a soundscape hosting images of pain and triumph, assessment and advancement.

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